Conductive Form-In-Place Gasket

Description: The conductive Form-In-Place fluorosilicone material F5381 contains high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, and high EMI shielding performance in harshest corrosive environments, F5381 is the best choice for military and aerospace applications.
This material is suitable for metal or glass fabric filled plastic substrates.
The F5381 offers enhanced galvanic corrosion resistance and stability in severe environments.


  • Flexibility at low temperature
  • Resistance to polar solvent, automotive fuel, oil additives(Amine), chemicals and steam
  • Very low outgassing, pass NASA outgassing test
  • More than 100 dB shielding effectiveness from 200 MHz to10GHz after salt fog test and temperature cycle test
  • More than 80N/cm² shear adhesion on common housing substrates and coatings
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